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Get Creative for Love

The holidays are over and the new year has begun. No more gingerbread houses or holiday cards. No more decorating with Christmas lights and ornaments. We are back to the office working that 9:00 - 5:00. Without the holidays we have nothing to look forward to, just the same old boring day-to-day routine...Thank goodness that Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Now we have candy hearts, teddy bears, roses and chocolates surrounding us. Love is in the air and we need to embrace it!

There are so many romantic gestures to be made and so much love to be spread amongst the people we care about. This is a time of year to get creative and personalize a gift to the person you love or the

relationship you have. Create a scrapbook holding all of your memories: photos, tickets, wristbands, notes, etc. (and don't forget to leave room for more memories to come).Frame your favourite picture of the two of you. Fill a mason jar with all the things you love about the person. Write multiple letters that they can open on future days for specific events (for example: "Open when we are in a fight" "Open on our wedding day" "Open when you're feeling down") This is a great way to show how much you care about them, proving that you will stick by them through anything.

Another romantic gift idea is setting up a dinner. We all know the massive rush of people dying to get reservations at all the fanciest restaurants in town. Why not switch it up? This is the perfect opportunity for a cozy night in with your loved one. Set up a picnic blanket in a room in your home - preferably one with a fireplace to add to the romantic atmosphere- and have a candlelit dinner with a bottle of wine (or 2, no one is driving!)

There are so many DIY (do it yourself) gifts that you can share with your loved one this coming Valentine's Day. You don't always need to go out and buy the most expensive ring or necklace. Sometimes the most appreciated gifts are the ones that show you are willing to put time and effort into the person for their happiness.

Whether you are single this Valentine's Day or spending it with your partner, remember that there is always loved ones around you. Valentine's Day does not only have to be for couples. We are celebrating love, whether it is for a partner, a friend or family. There is always a reason to celebrate.

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