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Happy Reading Week!

Ahh finally it's Reading Week! Finally some time to catch up on all those textbook chapters you've been meaning to get around to... Ya right! Finally some time to catch up on sleep, Netflix episodes, enjoying days off and partying!

Some students use this time off to head out on a student-budget vacation to anywhere they can afford that has sun, sand and water. But most of us that can't afford anything more than that $9.99 a month for our Netflix subscriptions are stuck at home. After a few days of sitting inside all day in front of the T.V with pizza you start to get a little bored. Here are some fun and cheap ideas of things to enjoy this Reading Week:

Actually Catch Up In School This all depends on how much you've been slacking off during the semester. Sometimes we get too caught up in the college/university party life and forget we actually have to graduate. Don't worry, that week off during Reading Week can save your life.

Go Skiing, Snowboarding or Skating We have been having some great weather lately and it is perfect for doing some outdoor activities. Although skiing and snowboarding can get a little pricy if you don't already have your own gear, it is a fun activity to enjoy with family or friends or if you are looking for something new to try. Skating on the other hand is an extremely cheap alternative to skiing and snowboarding. Hit up Nathan Phillips Square with your friends or significant other for only $10! Of course don't forget to take that popular Instagram picture in front of the famous 'Toronto' sign. Arrowhead Provincial Park is another beautiful area to go skating. They charge $17 for parking and $10 for skate rentals. They have a picturesque 1.3km skating trail; however, it is a 3 hour drive from Toronto. Who's up for a road trip?

Take a Stroll Down Queen Street West or Kensington Market Thanks to the weather this is something that will be definitely be enjoyable. Filled with shops, cafes, restaurants and bars these places can keep you busy all day without having to pay for more than just a coffee or tea.


Like you have read in our last blog, volunteering is extremely important. The kindness of others is what keeps beauty and strength in people and in the world. If you visit I'm sure you will be able to find a few places that can use volunteer help even if it is just for a few days or a weekend.

Cheap Drunk

I haven't forgotten about the most important part of Reading Week... partying. Toronto is filled with venues and bars that offer cheap shots, cocktails and beer you just have to do some exploring to find them! To name a few: The Green Room, Sneaky Dee's and The Bar With No Name

Plan for the Future Use this time off to plan for future holidays or events coming up whether its a birthday, a corporate event, a vacation, a St. Patrick's Day party, Easter, March Break, maybe you even have a wedding coming up. Pre-planning definitely does not hurt. In fact the sooner you start the planning, the better.

For help planning your event, day of service, styling or advice please feel free to contact us at and we will transform your vision into reality!

In the meantime, enjoy your Reading Week weather you are studying, exercising, exploring, helping or drinking!

All the best,

The Alyssa and Co. Team


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