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10 Things to Remember on your Wedding Day

You have been planning this day since you were little. You crafted the perfect little dream wedding in your head and it's about to happen. It's the real deal. No matter how long you have planned for this day or how ready you may feel to marry the (wo)man of your dreams, there are some things you don't quite consider. Here are 10 things to keep in mind on/before your special day.

1. You will smile but you will also cry

It's your wedding day, aka the best day of your life. Your face will hurt from smiling so hard but your mascara will smear too. You will be overwhelmed with varying different emotions that day. Those of sadness because someone dear to you is missing; anger because your hair isn't cooperating with the weather; happiness because you are about to/just married your best friend and you have all of your closest family and friends there to celebrate it with.

2. The ceremony is both the best and most nerve-racking part of the day

Let's be real - the ceremony is the most important part of your day. It's the reason everyone has gathered in celebration. However, it is the part of the day that you will be the most nervous and overwhelmed. You have been waiting so long for this day and all of the planning is finally about to unfold! Take a breath, stretch it out, do a little shimmy before you head down the aisle. Clear your mind and shake it out so you can focus on the single most important person in the room. Take it all in.

3. There is no alone time

The day is all about you and everyone is so excited to celebrate your love. You will have people pulling you left, right and center. It's nice to feel so loved but you will want to have some time with your new wife/husband. Sneak away for a bit, just the two of you... even if it's to the coat room, go. Sneak a few kisses in and take in the moment. This day will (hopefully) only happen once.

4. The most magical memory of your day will take place when you least expect it

It may be when you share your first dance together as newlyweds. It may be when you catch a glance of each other from across the room. Whenever it is, you'll know and you will never forget that moment in time.

5. Your guests come first

Yes, it is your day... BUT your guests are a priority. Making sure that they are happy is really important. No one should be hungry or uncomfortable. Take a walk around the room to greet your guests and thank them for being a part of your special day. Even a short interaction with each guest (or at least an attempt) will allow your day to be a bit more intimate.

6. Your schedule is everything

Try and follow it the best you can, it's there for a reason. The day will fly by and sticking to the plan will help you maximize the quality of your time.

7. Things won't go according to plan

Nothing and no one in this world is perfect. Things will go wrong and it's totally okay. Expect it. Embrace it. It's something that may temporarily disturb you but can be something to laugh about in time. It may be something big right now but I assure you, it will be so little later on. Let it go and just go with it!

8. Trust your coordinator

You hired him/her for a reason. By now they know what you want and how to achieve it. They've done this before (or at least you would hope they have), they've got this!

9. It's a very long day

Get some sleep. I know you are excited/nervous but it is SO important.. and besides, do you really want heavy dark circles under your eyes? No. I didn't think so. Eat. Don't you dare skip a meal - you need to fuel yourself with lots of energy to dance the night away!

10. People talk too much

Assign one of your bridesmaids/groomsmen the position of "chatterbox saver". You know back in your single days when you were hanging out at the club and you have that one friend who would always "save" you when some girl/guy was hitting on you. Let's try this again but this time have them pull you away from the chatterboxes. We all love Aunt Nancy but no one wants to hear about her kitten, Whiskers for 3 hours so let's keep the chatting at a minimum... please!

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