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2018 Wedding Trends

Planning your wedding for 2018? Here are some of the hottest trends to look out for....

1. Vintage

This one speaks for itself - vintage never goes out of style. There is something so romantic about a vintage wedding. It's timeless and classy if done tastefully and not overdone.

2. Ornateness

Whether its lace, embroidery, or embellishment, we are loving everything ornate and want to see lots of it! When it comes to your special day, you want every last detail taken care of... even down to the fabrics. Anything with a bit of texture or softness makes all of the difference.

3. "Different" Venues

Let's face it, everyone wants to be "different" but the venue is where the money really counts. Selecting a venue that best fits your personality and the theme of your wedding is so important. However, allowing your venue to stand out from the rest is the tricky part.

4. Soft Petal Blooms

More recently, soft petal blooms have been a huge hit. We are seeing a lot of loose arrangements and completely falling in love with them. Peonies have always been a popular selection for our brides but given that they are only in season for a short period of time makes it hard to have them all year round. We always recommend other soft petal blooms like ranunculus, garden or Juliet roses, and double-flowered tulips as alternatives.

5. Tall Glass Trumpet Vases with Large Lush Arrangements

Rather than going with the now so popular (and over-done) candelabras, we always recommend a nice tall vase. Going with a tall vase is a more cost-effective alternative as the guests would be able to take the vase home and it still looks classy and elegant. The Trumpet Vases are one of our favourite shapes. Topping the hour glass shape with a gorgeous large arrangement adds dimension to the room.

6. Mixed-Matched Anything

We all love to have things well-organized when planning for the biggest day of our lives but not everything needs to be in order. From mixed-matched furniture to mixed-matched cutlery, plates and glassware, mixed-matched anything allows for a more abstract feel to the wedding.

7. Suspended Décor

Dangling lights and ceiling treatments... need we say more?

8. Customized Food and Beverage - proper pairings

Customization has become a huge wedding trend and it goes far beyond the monogrammed decals or your wedding vows. Regardless of how much time and detail you put into your wedding day, 9/10 times all that the guests will remember is the food... so why not leave a lasting impression? Become a total foodie at your own wedding - customize your dishes to the theme and then pair them with a drink that compliments them. Not a food/beverage connoisseur? Speak to your caterer or coordinator!

9. 3-D Textured Looks and Things Non-Traditional

This upcoming year is all about over-sized bows, textured looks, non-traditional accessories, and floral appliques. Some things to consider are shoulder chains, bold and over-sized blooms, short veils, hats, capes, feathers, spiral bracelets, bangles, headpieces or crowns, etc.

10. Geometric Shapes, Marble and Copper

Geometric shapes, marble and copper have been a huge hit in 2017 and we are going to see more of it next year. Marble is a timeless and natural stone and pairing it with copper allows for a sophisticated look. The colour scheme creates warmth and contrast in any space, and adding geometric elements adds dimension.

11. Bold Blooms and Over-Sized Arrangements

Big and bold is the way to go in 2018. We still love simple and dainty blooms but bigger and bolder creates more of a statement. Blown up, full and colourful florals will have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come.

12. Soft Blush and Lots of Greenery, obviously

Greenery paired with ivory or soft pink allows for a classic, soft, and romantic look. This palette is timeless and by selecting it, you'll never look back on your wedding day 20 years from now thinking "what was I thinking!?"

13. Blue Hues

Something blue... because it's calming, romantic and ethereal. Selecting a light or muted blue tone for your wedding's colour scheme and pairing it with a silver or pastel creates a very "effortless" feel to the room.

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