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Wedding Etiquette

Who does what? When? How? Do not fear, I’m here to answer all of your wedding etiquette questions from attire, behaviour, hosting, guests, pre and post wedding and everything in between!

I thought this week’s blog post could be a fun list on wedding etiquette that EVERYONE should follow when getting married, so here it is!

If you’re the couple…

1. Do NOT invite someone to a pre wedding party- like a shower, if you’re not planning on inviting them to your big day. It’ll more than likely lead to hurt feelings.

2. Never invite someone to your wedding via text message or social media platform. A little bit of effort and thought goes a long way, and your guests will appreciate the personal invite. The same goes for thank you notes!

3. Don’t include your wedding registry information on your invitation! Instead, include your wedding registry on your wedding website.

4. You must send someone a wedding invitation if you’ve sent them a save the date! Even if they’ve told you they aren’t able to make it to your big day, still send them an invite, because if you don’t, it suggests that they are no longer invited.

5. If you know the name of your guests’ plus one, include it on the invitation and table card! The little details really matter and make your guests’ feel special.

6. You should definitely include postage with your RSVP cards... this ensures your guests don’t have to go out of their way to purchase their own.

7. You MUST send your guests’ a thank-you card if they give you a gift. No if’s ands or buts!

If you’re the guest…

8. Make sure to send your RSVP card back by the RSVP date listed on your invitation.

9. Turn the sound off on your phone during the wedding ceremony. You don’t want to disrupt or be distracting on their special day.

10. Don’t wear a white dress! (unless asked to). The only woman in white should be the bride. Try to steer clear of ivory and cream, too.

11. If the invitation says no children allowed, don’t ask if you can bring your kids. That just puts you and the couple in an awkward situation.

12. Arrive to the wedding on time. That’s just common courtesy, right?!

13. If your invitation does say you can bring a plus one, don’t bring a plus one. You don’t want to be asking the bride and groom to make exceptions if you’ve been invited solo.

14. Most importantly, congratulate the bride and groom and HAVE FUN!

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