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2019 Wedding Trends

We are a month into 2019, let’s jump right in and talk trends. More specifically, let’s talk wedding trends that you may come across while attending a wedding or planning one of your own. Let’s face it, keeping up with trends can be difficult. That’s what we’re here for.

Here’s the top wedding trends to look out for.

1. Wedding Dresses

Let’s first talk about one of the most important aspects of a wedding; the wedding dress. Or in some cases the wedding dresses! Some trends that might be seen on wedding dresses are the use of polka dots, long sleeves and asymmetrical gowns. You might see polka dots as added embellishment on a veil for example, this will give off a flirty and romantic look. Asymmetry has been a big trend, that can be seen in everyday fashion trends, and is making its way to the wedding gown runways; from one-shoulder silhouettes to high-low and slanted hemlines. If you wish to go for something a little bit more unconventional and fashion forward, asymmetry is the way to go. Another everyday fashion trend that is making its way to the wedding gown runway; is crop tops. Crop tops are extremely popular and can be a modern trendy option for brides to be. As we know another very popular trend is the bride having multiple dresses for the extra special day.

2. Groomswear

We all know that the special day is for the bride. But let’s take a minute and give a little bit of love and attention to the groom to be. A recent popular trend that we notice is that grooms are moving away from the traditional tuxedos and going for something more bold, by pairing different fabrics with different textures. In addition, to these bold pairings of fabrics and textures, it is expected that we will see grooms wearing more three-piece suits. With an impeccably tailored and fitted suit the groom will in no doubt look sharp and dashing. Not only with looking the part, the three-piece suit offers the groom versatility. The three-piece suit allows the groom to convert from classy and clean cut to a more cool, relaxed and casual look, simply by removing the jacket.

3. Sustainability

As most of you might know, sustainability has become an increasingly popular. More and more people and even businesses are moving towards more sustainable lifestyles and practices, with paper straws starting to take over. Therefore, this will be a trend that you can expect to see. From caterers and vendors to locally sourcing their foods and products to even elements of the wedding. All can be made more sustainable here are just a few examples; sending digital RSVPs instead of by mail, using recycled paper, selecting preserved flowers instead of real flowers, and giving consumable weddings favours.

4. Custom Illustrations

Nowadays we rarely get mail, and wedding invitations are probably by far the most exciting mail we get! With the use of custom illustrations, it allows the stationary to be even more personal and help excite your guests for the big day! Although this may not be necessarily a cost effective option, to optimize the value it can be incorporated in multiple ways throughout your wedding. For example, you can use the personalized artwork that is created for your save-the-date can reappear on the invitation, the linens and napkins or can even be utilized as part of a backdrop. Having custom illustrations created will help be able to tell the story of this beautiful marriage and will be a wonderful unique keepsake for not only the attendees but you and your partner!

5. Artistic Edible Displays

Food and beverage is arguably the most important aspect of a wedding (no offence to the bride and groom), however we all know that people want good food. Everyone likes dinner and a show, right? Not only do guests want good food at a wedding, having artistic displays or interactive food stations for guests to take a quick snap for Instagram or Snapchat will draw even more attention. A few examples, of this trend are a croquembouche tower, a popcorn bar, and a s'mores bar. Thus you can expect to see food being turned and displayed as art pieces.

6. Floral Installations

We all know that flowers are another important aspect of any wedding, you have the centrepieces, the bouquet, and maybe even a floral installation. Floral installations are becoming more and more popular and are beautiful, magnificent pieces that will catch everyone’s attention and will definitely create a line of those waiting to snap some pics for Insta! Floral installations that use real flowers can be a hefty price depending on the size, types of flowers and flower colours. Although, there is a slightly more sustainable option (for those of you following, you will know how important sustainability is). This option would be to use preserved flowers; they are real flowers that are typically preserved using glycerin and can last up to a year in the proper conditions. Not only are flower installations breathtakingly beautiful, you are able to customize them to fit your wedding! Maybe you have a favourite flower or a specific colour scheme for your wedding, all of this can be accommodated.

I hope this list was helpful to any of you currently planning your wedding, those of you about to begin planning and those of you just like to stay in the loop and on trend!

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