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Tips for Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Dresses

Things To Consider When Choosing The Bridesmaid Dress

1.Color Color is the most important element for the bridesmaid dress because if the bride picks a color that does not match the wedding theme, it could affect the overlook of the wedding, and pictures. To be safe dusty rose, dusty blue, light pink, coral is always a good choice.

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 1.33.52 PM


Not all bridesmaids need to have the same style of dress. Once the bride has confirmed the color for the bridesmaid dress, bridesmaids can be based on their body type to find the perfect dress. Down below is a few examples that analyze your body type and which style of dress is best for you!

A-line (1st & 2nd Pictures)

Perfect for all body types

Sheath (3rd Picture)

Perfect for rectangle and hourglass

Empire (4th Picture)

Perfect for all body types

3. Comfortable is the key

Being a bridesmaid you need to help the bride for the whole day. While choosing the style of the dress you should also consider the level of comfort.

Find The Shoes

Don't forget to pick a pair of shoes that are comfortable for you to stand the whole day! Lots of people only focus on the dress but forget about SHOES!!! Make sure you don't find a shoe that is too high.

***Another tip for shoes*** - Prepare a pair of sneakers just in cause if your feet need something comfortable!

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