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Wedding Trends For 2020

With the arrival of a new decade, many couples are looking for ideas to create a personalized and unique day that they will remember for the rest of their lives. We have accumulated a few trends that are growing in 2020 to help reflect your special day and a new decade.


Many brides love to show off their natural beauty and bring out their glow within on their special day. You can look bright eyed on your wedding by using bronze, champagne or nude shimmers on your eyes to make them sparkle. Harsh “instagram” brows are no longer in, the new trend is leaning towards fluffy and full eyebrows that still look natural. Filling them in with an upwards motion and using brow gel to keep the hairs in place will help you achieve the defined yet fluffy look. Harsh matte lips is also a trend that is fading, it is now all about glossy rosy lips. Topped off with a warm blush and a little bit of highlight and you have achieved the ideal, natural makeup look of 2020

Statement Veil

A traditional accessory for the bride is now becoming a statement piece. Bride’s have gone the extra mile to personalize their veil to make it as extravagant as they are. Priyanka Chopra took her veil up a notch by adding loads of extra length which required 6 attendants to help get it down the aisle. Whereas Hailey Baldwin’s personal touch was incorporating the statement “Till Death Do Us Part” on her veil. This wedding day accessory has transformed into another opportunity to take the extra mile to profess your love, whether it is a bold statement or a great length. Don’t be afraid to show your creativity with your veil, the sky's the limit!

Sustainable Weddings

It has been known that weddings have quite a large carbon footprint on our planet due to large of amounts flowers being flown in, single use décor, excessive quantity of food and much more. There are many ways for you to begin your search for a more sustainable wedding! Start by looking into using wedding stationary made from recycled paper, finding catering companies who use locally produced ingredients or finding florists who source locally grown seasonal blooms. Many floral designers are taking a big step by starting to cut down or completely eliminate the use of flower foam from their designs or even recycling florals wherever they can. Whereas catering companies are now offering more meat free options with organic and locally sourced ingredients. Now it is up to you to start seeing how you can make conscious decisions!

Wedding Videos

Wedding videos have started to become just as popular and necessary as the photos! The best videographers typically seamlessly collaborate with the photographers and wedding planners to understand when and where the most crucial shots are. They are able to edit your wedding video with the style and music that best represents your special day while ensuring that it is consistent with the photography. Due to the rise in wedding videography, many photography companies have begun to also provide videography services. However, it is important to view their previous work to ensure you choose the right company before committing to one team to provide both services.

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