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COVID-19 Bride & Wedding Planner

Every girl dreams of their wedding day and for 2020 couples it is so reachably near but something is in the way and you can't grasp it just yet...that horrid C word... who knew there could be more than one!

As planners, we are trained to flip a situation in any instant (hello Drake's Flip a Switch Challenge). I often joke with my clients in telling them that your planner is your damage control so IF anything goes wrong (which we always encourage you it won't)... but IF (*big if*) something does go wrong, we will figure it out and we promise you that.

But how do we figure out COVID-19? What damage control can we do when we're being contained in the 4 walls of our homes (cue all of your mixed emotions)? We can't control what happens outside of these walls during a pandemic but we know that we can control how we approach it. Am I going to sit here and tell you that I haven't cried every day since we've been put on "lockdown"? No. I'm not a robot - I feel what you feel too. However, we are in this together and I can promise you that whatever I'm feeling I will express to you too.

The A Team NEVER sugarcoats. We are ALWAYS transparent. Many things we tell you are hard to communicate at times (especially in times like these) but they are always said with your best interest in mind. How could I possibly tell a COVID-19 couple that I encourage them to let go of their wedding date (dream crusher much?) and start anew when I don't want to do so myself? How can I make sense of a situation that I don't even understand myself? It's not easy, that I know. I'm a bride that's hanging on to a date too...

BUT I am also a bride that sees the other side of this - the practical, the safe, and the selfless way to approach this situation. The precautions planner side of me sees that people are dying, our economy is suffering, and our people are fearful... so it's time to be selfless and think about the greater group involved here.

Yes- getting married is for the two of us (and the two of you) but it's also for our families and our closest friends. These are the people we care the most about and the ones we want to keep the safest.

We want our family and friends to feel comfortable in an environment which allows them to happily celebrate our day and that means more to us than a "date" or a "party".

This pandemic allows us to circle back to (what we often forget is the most important part of any wedding) the sacrament and the commitment itself- the ceremony.

Back then, people would get married at any time of the year, on any day, in any place surrounded by the ones they love and that's all that really mattered. How is this situation any different? Couples are being "forced" to postpone their weddings when it's safer for their friends and family to gather and celebrate... Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays... in the "cold winter", the "wet spring" and the"heat of the summer". Who cares when it is? When it happens, it will be the BEST DAY EVER.

Think of it this way - at your average wedding, people gather, they eat, they drink, and they dance. When everyone is able to celebrate again after this is all over, they will gather, eat twice as much, drink twice as much, and they will DANCE TWICE AS MUCH... because there is so much more to celebrate on that *new* date.

You're a COVID-19 couple and you are a part of history in the making. I promise you, your wedding is sure to be no average wedding.

If you're in the process of postponing or just want to talk to another bride, call me, beep me, anytime you want to reach me...

Ok bad joke, time to go walk my dogs.

But seriously - we are here for you and don't ever forget that.


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