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Creative COVID-19 Wedding Ideas

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on weddings, with limiting guest numbers, venues closing, and social distance measures needed to be maintained. In spite of all this, Coronavirus can’t stop love! Here is a compilation of some beautiful and unique ideas and trend that have come about during the pandemic. Use any of these ideas to make sure your wedding day is as safe as possible but still elegant and fun for all!

Add Stylish Sanitizing Station

There are a lot of ways to make your guest feel safe and keep things sanitary without sacrificing the look of your day. A few ideas on how to do this are; add a cute sign, set up the station on a vintage dresser, personalize the sanitizer bottles with your initials, or add flowers to tie in your wedding theme.

Alternative Ceremony Seating/ Social Distant Seating Arrangement

Ceremony seating has changed to keep guests at a safe distance. Circular of semi-circular seating is becoming more popular, with spaced out rows of guests. Guests can be assigned ceremony seating in the same way you would for the reception, which keeps everyone safe and seated with their own household. Social distant seating can still be made beautiful!

Custom Masks

You can embrace the masks, and have custom ones made for all your guests. It can be a keepsake that your guests can take home and wear again. You can add your names and wedding date, and have them made in a colour that matches your wedding theme. The bride or groom can also have custom masks made to match their attire.

Live Stream Your Wedding

For loved ones who may not be able to attend, couples can livestream their wedding ceremony so everyone can watch while still being safe. You can also get the new “guest list photo” of everyone on zoom together!

Use Cute Signs!

Keeping people socially distant is hard, so add some cute and humorous signs to help remind people. It makes your intentions clear but at the same time keeps the request light hearted!

Drive - In or Tailgate Weddings

For a Drive in wedding, the intimate ceremony can be put up on the big screen for all to see. There can also be a showing of the couples favourite movie afterwards! Another trend that has come about during the pandemic is a parking lot wedding, with a tailgate set up. Guests parked their cars at a social distance, then the couple can walk through the rows to greet everyone. Then potentially, there can be a car parade reception!

Emphasize Single Serve Food and Drinks

To help keep everyone safe, choose a menu of single serve options. Things like mini bottle of sparkling water or wine, served by a waiter handing them out to guests to avoid line ups at bars. For food, pre - plated appetizers with a mix of everything for each guest is a nice idea.

Socially Distant Wristbands

This is a fun and creative idea for guest to communicate their comfort level by wearing different color wrist bands.

Turn a Cancelled Wedding into Something Good

Many couples have had their weddings canceled due to coronavirus, if that happens, there is always the option to donate all the catering to a local shelter, to help people in need during this tough time! This turns something negative into giving back to your community!

Check out our previous blog post, that is all about “Embracing a Smaller Guest List”, it has good tips and trick for a more intimate COVID friendly wedding!

For more information and ideas, check out these sites:

For information and updates on guidance for events and gatherings, visit the Ontario Government website:

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