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Embracing a Smaller Guest List

There has never been a better time than the present to embrace a smaller guest list for your wedding. With limited restrictions in place and stay at home orders in place, wedding plans are changing weekly.

Most weddings last year were moved outdoors, or had a limited number indoors, with social distancing measures in place. So if your wedding is scheduled to take place at some point this year, it might be a good time to prepare some smaller guest lists in advance. Start with a 25 person list, then work your way up to a 50 person list, maybe a 75 person and even a 100 person list.

It can be extremely difficult to even think about cutting your list to such a small number, but try to think about the people you absolutely could not picture getting married without. This is the best time to invite people to your wedding because you actually want to - not because your parents want their hundreds of extended relatives to come. Make sure to include your closest friends and family, then move on to extended family and coworkers. It is also important to remember that it is unlikely people will be able to travel far to attend your big day, so if someone is out of the country, or even your province, they probably won’t be able to come.

And the people who aren’t quite making the cut can still be included! Stream your wedding ceremony on Zoom for all those who can’t be there in person. This way they can still be a part of the big day without actually being there. Another idea we love is to create an Instagram account for your wedding and have a designated guest - perhaps a close friend or family member - be in charge of videoing the first dance or even some speeches. They can post these to the Instagram story or even do an Instagram Live! The group of people who aren’t able to attend in person will be able to get glimpses of the reception and feel included even more!

One of the positives of having a smaller wedding is that you will be able to spend quality time with each guest at your wedding, as opposed to rushing through everyone to say hi. Take the time to really engage with your guests, and take loads of photos! Also take time to enjoy your big day with your new spouse! Often with big weddings you are spending so much time trying to get to each guest, that you don’t get to savour the moments with your partner. With a smaller guest list you should be able to spend time together.

If you are planning a ‘covid wedding’ don’t be discouraged! You will still be able to have a meaningful and special wedding, it just might be a bit smaller than you originally planned for.

Stay safe, and happy planning!

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