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Incorporating Pets in Your Wedding

Just like your future husband or wife, your pet is always there for you, so including your pet on your special day can make the day even more special and unique. Whether you own a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, reptile or anything else, there are a lot of ways to have your animal play a special role in the wedding.

Cute Ways to Include Your Pet in the Wedding:

v Include them in the wedding photos

v Dress them up for the occasion (could give them a bowtie, or a little dress)

v Walk them down the aisle with the bride or bridesmaids or as the flower person or ring bearer!

v Include them in your decor and theme

v Have an illustrate of them in the signage, or invitations, or cake topper, or napkins, or menus

v Have them stand at the alter during the ceremony

v Bring them to the reception after to join the party

v Invite your pet to the Getting Ready Suite

v Wear them in your attire, either with a customized pocket square with the pets likeness or even having their likeness embroidered into your veil

v Take engagement photos with your pets

v Have them with you for your first dance

v In lieu of a parting gift, make a donation in the guests honour to an animal rescue!

Some Tips to Consider:

v First take into account your pets personality and if they would be happy and comfortable

v Make sure your venue allows pets on the premises, and if the ceremony and reception space will accommodate your pet

v Ensure there is someone who will be able to look after and watch the pet, possible even book a pet sitter

v Notify all of your vendors so they can help you plan ahead and ensure a pet friendly environment

v Wrap their leash in greenery and flowers or make a floral collar

v Remember that pets can be unpredictable and possible cause issues

v Let your guests know in advance, so they are aware pets will be at the event

v Make sure to rehearse with your pet in advance, and test out any accessories they may be wearing

There are millions of cute and amazing ways to incorporate your four legged friend in your weddings, above are a few ideas and tips that can be used as inspiration! Happy pet friendly planning! See below for photo inspiration!

For more pet related inspo, check out this website:

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