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No Party is Too Small!

At Alyssa & Co Events, we always say, no party is too small! Especially with the coronavirus pandemic, and the isolation it brings with it, there has never been a better time than to celebrate the small things with a small group of people!

These events can be anything from a birthday party, dinner parties, or a nicely staged dinner for your partner, girlfriends or family, all while staying within Covid restrictions of course.

Check out this beautiful pastel intimate set up we put together, this is a perfect example of the idea that no party is too small! Go all out for the people in your bubble!

Spend the time to gather your bubble, and set up a really nice, intimate party for those people. If we have learned nothing else during these times, is that it is important to celebrate the people closest to us, as well as all the small things in life.

Before you plan anything, be sure to check your local area to ensure you are adhering to the regulations set out in your province, city, and/or municipality. Rules have changed multiple times since the start of the pandemic, so if you’re planning to play host, you’ll have to keep up on person limits for indoor and outdoor gatherings and for physical distancing.

Check these resources for updated regulations:

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